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Your personal brand is the perception of others about you. Having a well-defined personal brand allows you to separate the fog and become more visible, building your reputation and differentiation from competitors.

A professional photoshoot with a trained photographer is an integral part of defining your personal brand image. With the right photos, you can easily communicate who you are and what you stand for to the people.

Standard benefits of having a personal branding photoshoot:

– Communicate who you are and what you stand for to others.

– Build relationships with clients.

Emotional benefits:

– Be more confident in your work.

– Feel more satisfied with the results of your work.

– Strengthen your personal brand.

– Differentiate yourself from your competition.

– Create a powerful, lasting impression.

The first step towards effective personal branding is to conduct a thorough audit of your existing online presence through social networks. Look for images that express your personality and interests.

Are they consistent? Can you identify yourself with the images that show up when you Google your name? Have you used the same photo on all of them? If not, what do different photos say about you? Are possible contradictions hiding between these pictures?

The answers to these questions will help you understand your personal brand better and will guide the photographer in creating a photo session that will help you build an image that is consistent with your brand.

personal Branding Shoot in Brighton
Elliot Hasler – UK’s youngest Film Director
Diana – Yoga Teacher at Delight Yoga

If you don’t have any existing online presence or you’re not happy with what others see when they Google you, it’s time for a personal branding photoshoot.

Personal Branding Shoot in brighton with Film Producer Simon Hasler
Simon Hasler – Film Producer

Before the photoshoot, I will be asking you many questions about your work, your passions, and what you want to achieve. The idea is to get to know you better and understand the persona you want to project.

Based on this information, I will help you choose the right clothes, props, and locations that will help you communicate your personal brand story.

Brand Photography for Stanmer Tea Rooms
Zack Lecheminant – Brand Shoot for Stanmer Tea Rooms

During the shoot, I will be giving you directions to make sure that all the photos will express who you are. After the shoot, I will select the best images and edit them so they look perfect.

I know how important it is to have great-looking photos for your personal branding and I will make sure that you will be happy with the results.

Female entrepreneur personal branding shoot

If you are looking to build a powerful personal brand, contact me today, and let’s discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.

Hi, I’m Gabriela and I’m a professional photographer specialising in personal branding photography. I help entrepreneurs and professionals build a strong personal brand.

If you’re looking for help with your personal branding, get in touch today to discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.

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