Perfect Sleep by Natalie Stone, Sleep Consultant and Baby Specialist- Book Cover Photography - BRIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO

I’ve recently had the pleasure to photograph Natalie Stone, the author of Perfect Sleep: Because life’s too short to be permanently knackered!

During our pre-shoot consultation, Natalie told me that she will need photos of herself together with two toddlers for the cover of the book as well as some inside pages. She was quite nervous as she has never had a shoot like this before. we had no idea how the little ones would behave on the day of the shoot.

Luckily, everything went well and we got some great shots! The toddlers were really well-behaved and Natalie looked stunning. We decided to go for a natural look with some simple make-up and hairstyling.

We started the shoot by photographing Natalie with one of the toddlers. It was a great opportunity to capture some natural expressions. Next, we moved on to the second toddler. This little guy was full of energy and kept crawling away from us! However, we were still able to get some great shots.

The cover photo is really eye-catching and I’m sure the book will be a success! was so excited to see the book come out. I’m sure it will be a success!

If you’re looking for a photographer who can capture your book cover or any other type of photography, please get in touch. I would love to hear from you!

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