Homemade pizza photography for Stanmer Tea Rooms in Brighton - BRIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO

Hi, I’m Gabi and I’m a food/lifestyle photographer based in Brighton, UK.

I was recently contacted by the Stanmer Tea Rooms in Brighton to photograph the process of making a homemade pizza as well as all the different toppings they have available. I was delighted to photograph their pizzas as they looked and smelled amazing – I even got to taste one of them too – yum!

I’m delighted to share the photography from the project with you. Seeing how these food images look on the Stanmer Tea Rooms website made me feel very proud of the results.

So here’s how I made these mouthwatering pizzas come to life.

Pizza Photography Steps:

1. To start, I photographed all the different ingredients that go into making a homemade pizza. The ingredients were all laid out on an old wooden table in the Tea Rooms.

2. Once the ingredient photos had been taken, I was able to photograph how they are actually made too…so here’s me getting my lens dirty!

3. And finally I styled and photographed the final product. The pizza looked so delicious I wanted to grab a slice myself.

4. Thanks for looking, the next time you make homemade pizza, think of me!

Here is what Gemma had to say about having me as their Brand Photographer:

I recently had the good fortune to book Gabriela to take some photos for some brand marketing images for my tea rooms and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. From start to finish I felt like she really cared about my business and took the time to really understand what we were about and what we wanted to achieve and the result has been absolutely amazing. Gabriela’s professionalism and talent is second to none, she really has an eye for details and knows how to put a whole piece together whilst making you feel at ease whilst she is shooting. My images were back with me very quickly and presented in a beautiful way and I can wait to launch them, I know they are going to be instrumental in increasing my customer base and I can’t recommend Gabriela enough! Thank you!

If you need any images for your project, please get in touch with us and we’d be delighted to discuss your requirements. Enjoy!

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