Beautiful detail of female body wearing lingerie during boudoir shoot in studio in Brighton by Bright Photography Studio



Your story

“It’s not your job to be ‘photogenic’ or ‘good in front of a camera’. It’s my job to help you through your entire photoshoot and to show you the most beautiful photos you have ever seen of yourself.”

Are you thinking of doing a boudoir session to mark a milestone, or as a gift for someone special, or just for yourself? No matter the reason, it’s the perfect way to celebrate how beautiful you are right now.

For over 5 years we’ve been helping women step out of their everyday life, be pampered, and discover beauty in themselves they haven’t seen in ages or at all.

Our goal is to not only provide you with stunning images but to build a confidence in you that leaves you strutting.


Joanna Barrett-Miles

I am a 45 woman and have never felt so empowered so bring your curves, lumps, bumps, scars, stretch marks, and cellulite. In a world where we are saturated with images of women who are overly photoshopped, and beauty and youth are perceived as very tightly linked together it’s refreshing to celebrate Gabriela’s mission to help women embrace their true selves and fall in love with who they are today.
Bright Photography Boudoir is a sacred space where women are held in the highest esteem to unfold organically in their true power; creating magical images which can be treasured for a lifetime.
The experience is exhilarating and empowering and Gabriela’s gentle manner will enable every woman to connect with her inner goddess.


From the moment you book your session to the moment you walk out with your images our focus is all about you. we understand the nerves that go along with this type of photography, so rest assured that by your shoot day you'll be ready to rock out in front of the camera.
While planning your session we'll provide all the resources you need to be ready and guide you through wardrobe selection to choose outfits that flatter your specific body.
Once you arrive at the studio it's your time to shine! Worried that you're not a model? Don't be! We'll pose you down to your fingertips and guide you throughout the shoot.
When you return for your image reveal, you'll view your images for the first time on a big screen before beginning the task of picking your favourites.


This is not about you right now

This is not about you right now, this is about you looking back at these images in 20 years’ time. You should be able to look at beautiful photos of yourself and say ” I honour the woman that I am now, I love my body, I love myself, I celebrate my beauty, my womanhood, I celebrate myself and I’m worth it.

This type of shoot celebrates women of all ages. Every one of you is on a chronological journey and I want to capture it. My studio is a safe place, a place where fear around body image is replaced by self-love and self-value.



Helen booked me right before her 40th birthday. During the shoot she told me that she would love to have a photo of the scar running acroos her spine as a reminder of how lucky and strong she feels to have been through a difficult spine operation and yet feel complete today.
What scars do you need to celebrate?


Let's design your dream shoot! Are you ready ?


£100 session fee that includes a pre-shoot consultation, a 2 hours photoshoot in my studio, in-person viewing,  £100 credit towards your collections.

COLLECTIONS – digital bundles include:

Edited high-resolution images;

5 images edited images £450

10 images edited images £600

18 images edited images £800

24 images edited images £1000

Wall art available.